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Times of change

Usually, I coach executives who face entrepreneurial challenges while going through growth or restructuring processes or who deal with complex leadership issues.

I offer a special on-boarding coaching programme for newly appointed executives in which I support them gaining speed in their new leadership role and setting the foundation for permanent success. They trust in me when reflecting their critical early – first 100 days - decisions about strategy, organisation and team.

Other topics for coaching might be optimising the cooperation between executive and non-executive board members. Here my clients benefit from my experience in evaluating corporate governance structures and processes and in placing top executives into executive and non-executive boards.

Private clients tend to mandate me to discuss carrier targets, to prepare for management audits or for challenge their self-perception with an outside view.

Independent of concrete causes executives use my coaching expertise to reflect on their leadership role and to explore new ideas, using me as an objective sounding board. This might help them to expand their leadership potential by developing their own personal vision as well as the vision for their organization.